Think your kitchen needs a makeover? Why not try a “make under”?

“Less is more” is the new mantra for homeowners who want to take control of their home decor – eliminating clutter, streamlining products and taking a simplified, minimalistic approach to their home-improvement projects. The perfect room to begin this organized overhaul is the kitchen, as it’s a spot that tends to clutter quickly. Learn how you can make under this space and uncover its true beauty.

 “This concept of a ‘make under’ is growing quickly across the country,” says Rebecca Kolls, senior director and consumer strategist of home and garden at Iconoculture, a global consumer research and advisory company. “While consumers are finding their way back home and finding comfort in its dry-walled embrace; they’re also becoming stressed out by too much stuff. A ‘make under’ can not only make your space more simplified and efficient; but it also can alleviate a lot of the stress that accompanies a typical home improvement project.”

Take control of your counters
An area of the kitchen that can quickly become cluttered – and in desperate need of a ‘make under’ – is the countertop. From the coffee pot and bean grinder in one corner … to a mixer, blender and toaster in the next corner … not to mention the bread basket, paper towel holder, phone charger and more – there are often more gadgets than there is room on your countertops.

To take control of your counters, Kolls recommends seeking out multi-purpose innovations that save time, money and space. The perfect example is the new Kitchen Center product, which features a streamlined power base that supports and runs multiple kitchen appliances – from a coffee grinder and blender to a power mixer and food processor. Each attachment runs from the same base, enabling you to utilize a number of handy appliances without cluttering your counters.

Streamline the sink
Another spot that often becomes muddled with mess is the kitchen sink. While you may start with a simple sink and faucet, by the time you add a side spray, soap dispenser, hand sanitizer, lotion, water filter, dish soap and sponge, you can see this area can quickly become strewn with a wide variety of items.

To streamline the sink, Kolls again recommends simplifying this spot with as many multi-functional products and appliances as possible. One such example is a single-handle, pulldown kitchen faucet – like the new Arbor faucet from Moen. This efficient – yet stylish – faucet offers a single-hole mount (and includes a coverplate for sinks with up to four holes), for a clean, refined look without the clutter of additional handles. Plus, the faucet’s pulldown wand eliminates the need for a sidespray and offers added efficiency and maneuverability – allowing users to switch between several water flow patterns with the touch of a button and the ability to fill pots or vases on the countertop next to the sink.

If you want to start on the smaller scale, begin by tidying up your cleaning items with a sink caddy. For less than $20, a rust-proof stainless steel caddy eliminates counter clutter because it affixes to the sink with suction cups and a wire ledge hanger. A sink caddy works perfectly in a deep bowl sink, such as the Lancelot stainless steel sink from Moen.

Give your kitchen a ‘make under’
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